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About Us!

We are a company based in Bhopal with a team of highly enthusiastic, and dedicated Solution Providers giving cost-effective design services. Our company was founded with the motto ‘ From Vision to Innovation’.
We do Software designing, development, customisation ,implementation, maintenance, testing and benchmarking, designing, developing and dealing in computer software and solutions. We also aim to carry on the business of establishing, running and managing institutions, school, and academics for imparting education in computer technology, offering equipment, solutions and services for Networking and network management, data centre management and in providing consultancy services.

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Why We Are The Best

Easy Interface

Easy to Use Interface, provides better Administration, communication, reliability and connectivity to society.

Improve Connectivity

This App aims to improve connectivity between residents & association's accountability.

Hassel Free CM

CM is a simple and elegant template with tons of features.

Fully Responsive

CM is a simple and elegant template with tons of features.

User & Admin Communication 100%
93% Complete
App Flexibility 100%
100% Complete
Awesomeness 89%
89% Complete
Reliability 100%
100% Complete
Connectivity 100%
100% Complete
Creativity 80%
80% Complete

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Best Services

That's What We Do

Push Notification

On the Notice Board, he will find the notices posted by admin.

Due Payment

Access financial statements of all houses & regulate maintenance defaulters

Add or Remove Complaint

Increase or decrease complaint categories

Make Staff Category

We possess within us two minds. So far I have written only of the conscious mind. Check our services.

Other Services & Applications

Our Updated News

Assignment Assister

Assignment Assister is a paperless model. On the completion of each topic, an exhaustive assignment comprising of Fill in the blanks, True/False, match the column, multiple choice (M.C.Q) etc is uploaded.


Notice Board

This is an app made to paperless connectivity between school and parents. The principal will be the admin with the parents as recipients by downloading the app.


Emergency App

In any type of emergency when the app is pressed, an SMS is sent to 3 family members with his GPS location, simultaneously a call is triggered to 100. In case of homicidal threat, the above function can directly be activated without opening the app by simply pressing volume up or volume down button for 9 seconds.


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